Beautifully detailed and illustrated in three dimensions; Charleston Illustrated is a 36"x 48" hand drawn, three-dimensional map of downtown historic Charleston.

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"For anyone who loves Charleston, this map is a work that reveals her beauty through the details. For anyone just getting to know the city, it will give you insight to hidden treasures that even locals would normally miss. The overall presentation of the map is first rate. I strongly recommend this map to anyone who is visiting Charleston, or to anyone who lives there and loves the city." - Bruce Weddendorf, Huntsville AL, former Charlestonian

One of the world's most detailed maps, it is the only map of Charleston to portray every structure within its boundaries, uniquely capturing the historic district’s architecture and charm.



Charleston Place



Charleston Illustrated took over 14 months to produce. We collected all city, federal, historic maps and aerial photos we could get our hands on. Then we took over 5000 photographs of every single building, street and park.

It also drew on years of experiences from growing up in downtown Charleston; of climbing (other people's) walls, playing in (other people's) backyards; and exploring all of the city's backlots and graveyards (mostly at night).

This map is an Axonometric Projection (Plan Oblique)- which is a method of drawing that has no vanishing points. This means that all of the buildings are drawn at the same scale, 1 inch equals 200 feet. It is extremely accurate (except for one missing magnolia tree somewhere downtown ;-).

This edition includes: the Visitor Center, the Aquarium, Waterfront Park, Ansonborough, the College of Charleston, Upper and Lower King Street, the Market Area, the French Quarter, the Battery and the historic areas south of Broad.

This 36”x 48” full color poster-quality map not only includes every building but also has over 150 listings and locations for:

Historic Landmarks and Churches
Museums and House Museums
Restaurants and Accommodations
Galleries, Antiques and Shopping
ATM’s, Public Restrooms and Parking

Charleston Illustrated is available both folded in a beautiful protective sleeve or as a poster suitable for framing.

Poster Version

Charleston Illustrated is also available as to rolled 36" x 48" poster, suitable for framing. The poster can by ordered directly from us- please email us.

Please note- as our email accounts have been overwhelmed by junk email- please type "charleston map" in the subject of any message you send us. I apologize for this, but it is the only way I can be sure that your message is not accidentally filtered out by the email software.-JM




View Details of Charleston Illustrated :

The Battery

"The Battery" loosely refers to the series of sidewalks and railings that run along the tip of the city. It also refers to the park, actually called "White point Gardens". "High Battery" refers to the raised sidewalk that run along East Battery Street.

South of Broad

"South of Broad" is the southernmost part of the peninsula city where many of the grandest houses were built. Generally considered to be the most exclusive of neighborhoods; although those of us from that area don't believe in such things;-)

Four Corners of Law

"The Four Corners of Law" is the intersection of Broad & Meeting Streets; where St. Michaels, City Hall, the County and Federal Courthouses reside. It refers to city law, state law, federal law, and God's law.

French Quarter

Charleston's "French Quarter" refers to the area around State Street, where French Huguenots settled. Now this district houses many of the city's art galleries.

College of Charleston

The College of Charleston campus includes several city blocks around the original buildings and Cistern (the open green space).

Full Map

Full view of the entire Charleston Illustrated map.







To Order:

Charleston Illustrated is available as a folded map in sleeve (shown at left), or an unfolded poster version rolled in a tube.

All orders shipped by USPS Priority Mail. For orders, please email us here.






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