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Charleston SC, founded in 1670, is one of America's oldest cities. She played an important role in the American Revolution and was the site of the Secession Convention that in 1861 dissolved the Union, which eventually lead to the The War Between the States.

This site is all about the development of Charleston, South Carolina. The highlight of the site is Charleston Illustrated, an architectural map of the downtown historic districts. We've also added pages containing original and antique maps, links to books, and information about local sights and businesses.

Charleston Illustrated is a 3-dimensional map of the downtown historic districts. It is the most comprehensive map of downtown Charleston ever produced. This beautifully detailed image includes every structure within its boundaries. For more information about this product, click on The Big Map


Four Corners of Law

Detail of the "Four Corners of Law" on Charleston Illustrated.

St.Michaels Church

View of St.Michael's Church before a summer rainstorm.


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The City Today - Businesses and attractions.

About Us - The authors and a bit about what we do when we aren't drawing Charleston.

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